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L.A. Hipster Couture

L.A. Hipster Couture

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JUNE 3rd

The class will be held in-studio at 291 Bryant Street, Buffalo, NY 14222.

Class includes all materials needed to make a NY Times “Black Book”-inspired high-end floral arrangement à la L.A.’s BRRCH and London’s Fjura. We’ll be manifesting a tall front-facing arrangement in a reflective dimpled ceramic pot. You can expect a palette of garden roses, long-lasting carnations, and anthurium orchids.

There will be refreshments, including natty wine and non-alcoholic spritzes by Ghia. This course is appropriate to all levels of learning, but is restricted to those 21+.

We will go over the fundamentals of conditioning flowers and prepping your vase using #foamfree mechanics. Additionally, you will learn the art of reflexing roses, as well as other manipulations to help achieve the “It girl”- florist’s je ne sais quoi. This course is both educational and tongue-in-cheek as this is not the bōtan way, per se, though we do like to occasionally indulge in such trends… and are ever-evolving.

Class is limited to 8 students. Covid vaccination is recommended.

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